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RidenourWed4-26-13ValleVista StringQuartetatStateHouse5-24-14 Phyllis at her Grand Piano Phyllis@Neimeyer6-29-13 Wed-Anderson nPark-9-12-9 Phyllis at Burdett Park Evansville IN IMG_0198 PhylDonSarahTrioNcincy2012 Phyllis&Irina11-12INstateHouse RidenourWed4-26-13VVPhyllis Phyllis-IrinaDuo_NoBkgColor KathySchilling_10 Phyllis playing at Indiana Historical Society Phyllis&Irina@ValleVista2012B Wed-Winchester 8-29-09 Neimeyer-Shine6-29-13Dayton IMG_0076 Trio at West Baden75% SarahPhyllis3_OakHill_5-10 P1020738 Cathy and Sarah 2-man Band Phyllis and Friends Jazz-Plus Combo Sarah&PhyllisBehindCropeped JenniferJohnson jennifer_johnson Phyl & Don Duo Phyllis-IrinaDuoCropped13 Phyllis@Hohlier-Stambaugh3 StateHouse 2012resized Phyllis&SarahCroppedB Phyllis&Irina11-2012INstateHouse RidenourWed4-26-13ValleVista2 Phyllis on Classical Guitar @ Wedding Chapel, Greenfield IN Wed-IU-WhitAud.8-8-9 Phyllis RecepMontage5-17-9 Phyllis & Don Duo at Retirement Dinner SLKPiano2014-02-18 Wed PianoTriocrop11-21-9 Don Johnston at Amish Acres in Napannee IN Phyllis, Guitar Wedding at Mavris 08 phyllis&Rachel Jazz Trio 06 Don Johnston2 20140531_163926 2015-01-18 13.30.15 Don Singing Telegram @ Vegas Restaurant, Greenwood IN Phyllis 26 Phyllis@ColumbiaClubReception11-3-12Rene singing_telegram_2a Phyllis@ColumbiaClub11-3-12Rene IMG_0153 Phyllis&Friends Trio, Masonic Home Franklin PhyllisAndFriends2008 046 Phyllis, Guitar, Mavris Event Center Phyllis-IrinaDuo_NoBkgColor Phyllis at Terrace Restaurant, Indy IMG_0172 Phyllis, Lumiere du Spa, Lebanon IN Phyllis Lynch, Keyboard, in Recording Studio IMG_0027 Phyllis & Laura at Bridgewater Club PhyllisLynch@Grand Piano RoseGardenThanksgiving13-10-24 singing_telegram_1a Harp Garnet+TrioXmas20091stPres 20150118_133015 DonDrums 004 Phyllis Lynch at Terrace Restaurant, Indy WedWinchesterPl 8-29-9 Laura & Phyllis @Bridgewater Club 2008 PhyllisOnGuitar, Mavris 08 IMG_0232 Phyllis6-18-06 006 PhylDonSarahTrioNcincy2012crop Don, Vocalist, in Recording Studio RoseGardenIndy-PnoVln13-10-24 Phyllis-IrinaDuo_NoBkg IMG_0087 Phyllis@Hohlier-Stambaugh3 StateHouse 2012 PhyllisOnGuitarNoBkg Phyllis playing New Year's Eve 2007 Robinson-PhyllisStateHouse2013-12-28 Phyllis&Rachel@MarriottNorth2012 PhylGuitarWedChap07B DonDrumsRockport DooleyWedwKathy David Richards2 Wed 9-5-09 FriendshipPlainfield WedCampSertoma,5-9-9 Irina Pavarova, Violinist with Phyllis at Ind. Statehouse 20 PhyllisOnGuitar@Mavris09cr Phyllis at Grand DonandGarnet West Baden 2010 1 Wed6-12-9MavrisSarah&Phyl Phyllis6-18-06 003 Phyllis on piano at Lumiere du Spa Wedding 20130621_191217 Phyllis&Rachel@MarriottNorth2012cropped Phyllis&Friends Jazz Trio at Masonic Home Sarah-brighter Wed-IU-WhitAud-8-8-9 singing_telegram2 SarahPhyllis5_OakHill_5-10 Copy of Phyllis@theRoomPlaceC2012 PFtrio09xmaspromo1 singing_telegram Dave, Trumpet, in Recording Studio Wed PianoTrio11-21-9 PhyllisOnGuitar@Mavris09 Jennifer Johnson Cropped Sarah-brighter Chip Reardin, Recording Engineer JazzQuartet08cropped PhyllisAndFriends2008 027 Jennifer TroikaStringTrio Phyllis 2007 Phyllis-Woodstock2-9 Irina-PhyllisDuoStateHouse11-24-12 Phyllis on Guitar at Wedding Chapel, Greenfield Phyllis Playing Wedding Reception Phyllis@theRoomPlace2012B TheDominos Phyllis@theRoomPlaceC2012 ElizabethAhlgrim 20150315_113328 th 20130615_155108 IMG_0234 PhyllisDonDuo2009rev HarbourTrees 2010 1 Dave Richards on Trumpet NoteablesDance Band Formal Event rachel_gries PhyllisDonDuo2009 Don Johnston3 PhyllisNpink09 Jazz-Plus Trio at Hilton Netherland Plaza Cincinnati Phyllis@Woodstock8-1-15 Phyllis-Lindsay&MichaelBauer2-11-12WedRecepOasisEventCtrLovelandOH SarahNelson Don at Amish Acres 2008 Phyllis&Rachel@DemFundRaiser2012 IMG_0314 Phyllis at The Timbers Open House WedPropyleumRachel&Phyl7-4-9 Don doing Singing Telegram Wed9-5-9FriendshipGuitar IMG_0223 RoseGardenIndySarah-PhyllisThanksgiving Phyllis at Eagle Creek Wedding