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Music Groups

Solo (One musician)

PIANO SOLOMusician Groups - Solo, Piano
We can play most music genres: Classical, Jazz Standards, Pop, Classic Rock, Soft Rock, Country, Celtic, R & B, Swing, Dance, Soul, Sacred/Christian, etc. No Hip-Hop. No Rap.

When there is no tuned piano in excellent condition available, we can bring an electric digital piano. It has a full piano keyboard with weighed keys (like an Acoustic Piano). It has an added advantage from an acoustic piano, and it has a few other voices and ability to split the keyboard so we can play piano with the right hand and Bass with the left hand – with appropriate songs (sounds like two musicians) We need first floor, no steps, OR an elevator. Otherwise, we can bring a portable Keyboard which might have some limitations of piano repertoire.

Option for appropriate setting: We can offer a One-Man Band (adding recorded back-up tracks.)

Video Samples:
Claire de lune" (Debussy) Genre: Classical
1000 years (from the Twilight Series)
"You Raise Me Up" (Josh Graban) contemporary
"How Sweet It Is" (Marvin Gaye) 1970's
Be Thou My Vision
All My Life
I Swear

KEYBOARDMusician Groups - Solo, Keyboard
This instrument is smaller than a piano. (no weighted keys). It is much lighter in weight than the full-sized electric Piano. It’s limitation would be Classical style music or songs with pianistic arrangements. Most other genres will work. Best for contemporary music, Pop, Soft Rock, Country, etc. Keyboard will split for melody and harmony in right hand and bass in left hand.

Our repertoire consists of many genres: Classical, Classic Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Christian, etc. Most songs that have a published fingerstyle arrangement. (This does not include a Vocalist. That would be under a DUO.)

Guitar Samples:

VIOLINIST (SOLO, UNACCOMPANIED) Musician Groups - Solo, Violinist
Appropriate songs should have a melody that can stand alone and that carries the song and does not need a harmony or rhythm beneath it. For instance, many songs have only instruments playing between the phrases and that would result in uncomfortable, long silences for the solo violin. For questions on particular songs, we can have one of our violinist contact you.

Violin Samples: