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Music Groups

Trio (Three musicians)

VARIETY TRIO (Formerly Jazz-Plus Trio) Musician Groups - Variety Trio
Consists of: Violin, Piano, and Vocal/Guitar/Bass/Drums. The third musician can Sing and Play Bass-Drums-or Guitar, (just instrumental music), depending on music genre and taste of the client. Their favorite genres: Classic Rock and Jazz Standards, but they also do some Country, Celtic, Swing, and Contemporary, and a little of everything else.

This group will travel up to 125 miles.

Variety Trio Samples:
Video Samples:
You Raise me Up

STRING TRIOMusician Groups - String Trio
Consists of: Violin, Viola, Cello. This group needs no electricity. Their repertoire is not quite as extensive as a Quartet. But it’s easier on the Budget. Classical music genre would be its forte.

This group serves only Central Indiana.

String Trio Samples:

PIANO TRIO Musician Groups - Piano Trio
Consists of: Violin, Cello, Piano/Keyboard. This Trio can handle Contemporary music easier. Since the Piano plays more than one note at a time, it has a fuller sound than a String Trio.

This group serves only Central Indiana.

Video Samples:

Available Amplification: For amplification, we have a Bose system, Fishman for Guitar, or Roland amp, and Bass amp. Of course, this will depend on the Instrumentation, Size of the venue, and the number of guests.